Gorilla Metaverse is a fully decentralized, eco and fairly distributed token disrupting the meme economy. We are aiming at protecting the natural environment. We belive our token will give investors opportunity to earn and us to help the planet Earth.

Our fundement will be an engaged Community, but we will also use aggressive marketing with community influencers to spread awareness of Gorilla Metaverse.

Our long-term plan is to launch our own proprietary NFTs related to the environment and ecology, the profits of which we will donate to charitable and environmental causes.






Mikołaj Smoląg
Co founder

Piotr Winkler
Co founder
Nicola Zamoyska
Co founder
Anne Mensah
Environment Protection Engineer. Eco consultant

Kevin Smith

Content creator. Cryptocurrencies specjalist

Martin Novák

Lead IT Developer. Blockchain and Java specialist.

How to buy?


What is Gorilla Metaverse?

Gorilla Metaverse is an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 1000000000000000. ERC-20 tokens are blockchain-based assets that can be received and sent instantly. A major benefit of Gorilla Metarverse being this type of tokens are used for almost all smart contracts on the blockchain, and it has emerged as the technical standard for token implementation. Gorilla Metaverse is completely open to the integration of future industry developments.

Will I loose Monday when the Tokens quantity will be reduced?

No, reducing quantity on the market should be a grow up signal for the price.

Where to buy Gorilla Metaverse?

We recommend to buy our token by Pancake Swap. We will inform when we reveal more options for buying the coins